Let's Be Friends


How do you pronounce your name?

My name is pronounced just like the continent Asia.

How old are you?

My birthday is March 27, 2015

What kind of dog are you?

I am a purebred Maltese

Who is your breeder?

My breeder is a good friend of one of my mom’s friends and she breeds Maltese show dogs. It’s important to understand that show dog breeders breed their dogs with the intention of bettering the breed and producing show quality dogs and not solely for profit.

If you are interested in a Maltese as a pet and want to know more about the breed, please visit the American Maltese Association’s website. You will find a list of reputable show dog breeders there. Also, visit the American Maltese Rescue site and consider adopting a sweet pup who needs a forever home. Rescues Rock!

Do you enjoy having your photo taken?

I get treats during each photo session so YES! Mom takes many of my photos during my everyday activities and so I’m not bothered by it a bit. One of the reasons that she gets so many great photos of me is because I will stand as still as a statue and she can click many photos in a very short period of time. My photo sessions never really last very long and I get yummy treats during and after them. It’s a pretty sweet job!

Why isn’t your sister Lollypop in more photos?

Mom never forces either of us to take photos. Sometimes Lollypop is interested in being involved in a photoshoot but most of the time she prefers to just watch.